He is 

CEO and co-founder of Mondial One Group.He has more than 26 years experience in the field of medical devices , mainly in ophthalmology , optometry and dermatology.

He is .

She is 

Ron Nourani

Barbara Santa

Chris Rayman

Dave Willson

Professional team

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About us


Mondivue  (Eye Care division of Mondial One Group) :


is co-founded in the last decade of the Millennium with the contribution of experts in the field of optometry, Ophthalmology, and OH&S.


It carries extensive experience in different categories from the set up of ultra-modern clinics to maintenance and after-sales service of medical equipment.


Through head offices in Toronto & London , along affiliated branches in the ME and CIS,

we do serve our clients in a very large geographical area.


Our mission is to provide an optimal service to  Eye MD, Optometrist communities.

We are committed to bringing the latest available & edge of the technology in the field into the possession of our valued clients.


We carry a wide range of the products from the world-renowned companies and have exclusive/official distributorship right for Canada and the countries which are geographically located in CIS and ME.